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It has been four years since Indian Masala was originally launched in 1998 on a free AOL member page. We have come a long way since then - providing free entertainment to masala lovers all over the world for years. Indian Masala salutes many thousands of visitors who have been visiting the site regularly for months and years!.

Indian Masala has always been a free site and will remain so. But the current downtrend in advertising industry and the mounting costs associated with increased bandwidth usage have forced us to introduce a voluntary donation system we call 'Indian Masala Web Pledge'. Indian Masala always cared about the visitors which is proven by the fact that we don't throw annoying popups on every page. We want to cut down on even the existing commercials and pop ups but that's possible only if YOU, the visitor can make a one-time payment as little as $3. Indian Masala has lot of projects on-hold including total revamping of the site which is overdue, more frequent updates, tons of video downloads, searchable database and more but it is possible only by your support to the voluntary Web Pledge program.

All you need is a credit card to make the contribution wherever you are in the world!. Your donation will be strictly confidential and your privacy is protected. The payment is processed by iBill, a leader in internet billing. Your one-time purchase will be billed as IBL* and it will not say :). You will receive an email confirmation from with your transaction number.

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