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Why Should You Advertise On Indian Masala?

  • With over 24000 unique visitors per day, and more than 10 million pageviews per month, Indian Masala is The Number One Indian Movie Entertainment Site.
  • Indian Masala is one of the single largest sites accessed by Indians worldwide with a very high reach among the Indians in US.
  • Indian Masala has been consistently ranked number 1 by popular Bollywood ranking sites. Recently Outlook magazine in India rated No.2 Indian Entertainment site based on a survey. Check out our Awards for more details.
  • Indian Masala has a very high click-through rate especially for Indian related sites. A recent Indian website related campaign delivered a record 6000+ clickthroughs in less than a week from just one banner ad.
  • Yet the advertising rates on Indian Masala are amongst the lowest when compared to other Indian web sites.
Advertising Options

  • Indian Masala gives the following advertising options:
    Regular 468X60 banner ads that run for 1 week, 2 weeks or one month.
    CPC model where the charges are based on number of clickthroughs.
    CPM model where the charges are based on the number of banner impressions.

    Other advertising options can be worked out.

For a rate card of ads please send a mail to mentioning the web site you will be advertising for and the type of advertising you are looking for.

- Indian Masala Advertisement Team

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