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With over 24000 unique visitors per day and more than 10 million pageviews per month, is The Number One Indian Movie Entertainment Site.

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Bollywood Top 20 Sites

Voted No.1 in Weekly Bollywood Top 20 Sites Top Bolly Sites
Ranked No.1 in Top Bollywood Sites based on unique visits

Outlook Magazine Survey - Feb 2000
Rated No.2 Indian Entertainment Site by Outlook Magazine Survey

Filmfare Article "Dot's Entertainment" - May 2000
An excerpt from the article about Indian Entertainment DOT COMs:

".......While there are no concrete facts and figures, estimating the popularity of these sites, it depends on the number of eyeballs per site. `Eyeballs' is cyber jargon for the number of people logging on to a site. The more popular sites are, ,, to cite a few."


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